Stella Stamatakis


I learned about Yiayia a Greek Grandma. The children were holding up the flags when it was their turn to share. One time a made sausage rolls with my Grandma Jo. - Olivia

I remember the girl cooking prawns with her Buela. I liked the book and learned what you call your Grandma in other languages. Could you write a book about a Grandpa? - Wolfy

I loved to see which country the Nannies are from. My Nana was from Ireland. We have picnics at the park and we cook pizza for dinner. - Violet

Thank you Stella for reading us your book. My Nanna comes from Scotland. We play together. - Nola

I liked the book, especially the dumplings. My Grandma lives in America. We like reading books together. - Henry

Thank you for reading us your book about different Grandmas. We go to the park together. - Charlie

Thank you, Stella, I like that the book was about people from different countries. I loved Stella's book, when the little girl made the egg wrap. My Nonna lives in Adelaide and we go to the creek together. - Anna

I enjoyed the book. I liked the pictures. I have a Kaykay. My Laza speaks Hebrew. She takes me to the icecream shop. - Bebe

This quintessential story about nuturing of grandparents is beautifully told and illustrated in the book, "What's a Yiayia?" These are familiar stories about our grandmothers' cooking across seven cultures.  My mother, my children's Yiayia will always be remembered for her scrumptious food and prime position in her favourite room of the house, "the kitchen". A picture book for every Greek household. - Irene A. Student Wellbeing and Special Needs Coordinator

"What's a Yiayia?" subtitled "A book about Grandmothers" is written by Stella Stamatakis and illustrated by Oscar Fa is an adventure story that takes the reader around a culinary world. Each new chapter introduces the reader to a new food from a different country. The unifying theme of the book is the love between a grandmother and her grandchild. Reading the book is a heartwarming experience. The illustrator combines bright, colourful pictures to show a bond between grandmother and grandchild. Each page is filled with colour and imagination. - Terry D. International Teacher

A gorgeous story my multicultural class loved and could relate to.  The discussion initiated from this book was incredible. - Tania B. Primary Teacher

A true triumph of acceptance, diversity and culture through the eyes of all of our childhoods. "What's a Yiayia captures the essence of unconditional love shared between a grandparent and grandchild. This is a book all children should have on their shelf and every adult should read, "We are all the same and a bit different too". Elle M. Greek and Italian granddaughter

My Nonna and I make gnocchi together. I love Nonna and Nonno. Matteo I. 

I love this book. It has captured our heart, and articulated the love we have for our grandparents from all different cultures. A very special bed time story in our house. Keryn M. 

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